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About Me


Welcome to this website! I am Naman Chaturvedi working as Software Engineer for Cisco during my day time and stake pool operator during later part of the day. I started following about cardano back in Nov 2017. The days when Bitcoin was making new Highs, my google searches got me into understanding about Blockchain technology in itself. Reading about Vitalik Buterin (Brain behind Ethereum) lead me reading about Ethereum team, and thereafter to famous white board video of the one and only Charles Hoskinson. Within few days I bought my first lot of Cardano(Charles turn out to be real marketeer), and in FOMO I bought in High as well.

With so much influence of the community and seeing the development of Cardano inspired me to create "Bubba Ganu Staking ADDA". Since inception of Cardano Charles and team has been very vocal about their vision, and always been proving themselves towards the progress of this project. I have been following developments of many crypto projects, but Cardano is the only project with openess in communication, Reasearch proofs, top of the notch code commits, leading in documentation than any other project out there. I may be late into the staking game, but ideologies of Andrew Westberg (Blue Cheese stake pool operator), inspired me to come out forward and be the face of this flourishing community. Therefore, help the community drive this vision further for success of Cardano.

I would like to pay my gratitude to the most helpful community folks GliTcH (operating 1LOVE pool) and Priyank (operating RDLRT pool) for their relentless support in helping Stake pool operators day in and out.

Contact Us

Cardano's backbone has been effective communication, and would like to continue following the path laden by ambitious team. I am available to talk per EST time zone. Please follow below tags to reach out.